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This is the homepage for our NetSci 2024 workshop on ‘Networks in Science of Science’, which will be held in Quebec City, Canada on June 17-18, 2024.


The vast amount of research articles, datasets, grant proposals, and patents produced by scientists provide a rich digital trace of the scientific ecosystem. These data are the foundation of an emerging field called the Science of Science, which aims to understand the evolution of science in a quantitative manner. This field has the potential to bring significant benefits in terms of scientific, technological, and educational advancement. Networks are a useful and intuitive tool for understanding the connections between various elements in the scientific community, such as scientists, institutions, journals, conferences, ideas, theories, and funding agencies.

We welcome submissions that explore the use of network science in the field of Science of Science. This includes topics such as the analysis of citation networks, collaboration networks, semantic networks, knowledge graphs, time-varying graphs, hypergraphs, link prediction, graph mining, and graph embedding. In addition, we seek submissions in the developing areas of exploration concerned with the impact of diverse voices, intellectual backgrounds, and intelligences (including Artificial Intelligence) on scientific advancements.

This satellite workshop aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to reflect the diverse community that can drive (and benefit from) scientific innovation. In addition, this is designed to showcase the works of junior researchers such as graduate students, postdocs, and pre-tenure professors. The list of organizers and preliminary list of invited speakers reflect these goals. To further amplify the work of early-career researchers, one paper led by a graduate student will be recognized for a Best Student Paper Award.

We also note that this is a continuation of previous successful workshops and conferences on organized by members of our PC on Science of Science, both from within and outside NetSci: “Networks in Science of Science” (NetSci 2023), “International Conference on the Science of Science and Innovation” (ICSSI, 2022 and 2023), “Science of Team Science & Innovation” (NetSci 2022), “Knowledge Networks in Science and Technology” (NetSci 2017), the “Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science” (2015-2022), “International Symposium on the Science of Science” (2016), “Quantifying Science” (Conference on Complex Systems 2015).

The success of these workshops is attributed to the continued interest and engagement from the network science community in the study of science. Our proposed workshop serves as a valuable addition to the field, providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their latest findings and developments in the area of network science applied to the study of science. This is a particularly exciting time to discuss new studies on rich representations (such as hypergraphs) or new deep-learning-based methods of predicting and understanding. The workshop also presents an excellent opportunity for junior researchers to gain exposure within the field. It will serve as a platform for them to present ongoing research, receive feedback and guidance from more experienced researchers, and network with potential mentors, collaborators, and funders. Overall, it’s expected to be a great complement to the ongoing developments in the field of Science of Science.

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